How do I stream my Android device on OSMC?


I would like to know if it is possible to stream media (saved files, YouTube and other apps) FROM Android TO OSMC? If yes, then how?


You can use Yatse to do that. But that would be limited to Video files that are played.

Thanks for the reply. I tried Yatse but I can’t figure out how to make it stream. Any help?

  1. Enable UPnP/DLNA on OSMC under Services
  2. You need the stream plugin on Yatse (I think it’s an in-app purchase)
  3. Then when you open a video on your device it ask you where you want to play it (maybe if you have chosen default video player already on your Android phone you need to reset that)

I use BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast to stream media from my phone or my laptop to OSMC or Xbox360. You can chose source and renderer and let it run.

I can’t second that enough, BubbleUPnP is my favorite program on my mobile, and Samsung Tablet. It streams everything that you can through at it except the kitchen sink. From cloud stuff to any media that is on your devices. It can also do internet radio stations via play lists.
I’ve also got Yatse and love it for controlling my two OSMC Raspberry PIs, while it also does streaming, I find the BubbleUPnP more useful for streaming control and its minimal price is well worth it.

Hi Shobhit,

In my case I donwloaded the App TCL nScreen Pro (from PlayStore - it’s free)…
and that was actually ment for the ‘pushing’ videos/pictures and music to my TCL Multimedia TV,
but didn’t work for my TCL TV.
I notised that my Toshiba TV and also my RPI with OSMC was found immediately and works very fine on both.!

Easy to set up and straight forward in use…

Good luck…!

EUREKA! I’ve currently got a full setup to stream anything I want from my phone.

First Yatse Pro will allow you to play videos and files saved on your device to OSMC as well as stream links etc. Simple enough.

Second, if you get BubbleUPnP app and you have a phone with the xposed system then you can live stream all music including Google Play Music, Spotify, etc etc. No need for bluetooth or anything.

Trying out both Bubbleupnp and Yatse right now. Both look promising and willing to purchase pro versions of each if it gets me where I want to go.

So far, pros for each are…

BubbleUPNP: Can stream directly from my Google Drive account…nice feature…

Yatse: Like the embedded remote.

I presume I could use either one to stream movies rented via Google Play Video.

Will either permit me to stream Hulu, Netflix, etc?


UPDATE TO MY POST: Got full versions of each. Liking BubbleUPNP better. I think I’ll add that to my Android SBC (a Pine 64) and use it to serve media from DropBox and Google Drive. As for Google Play Videos. I can do that with the official YouTube Kodi Plugin; I just needed to enable MPEG DASH and tweak with it a little.

Google Play Video is my preferred method of renting video these days so, that’s a big plus. All that remains is figuring out how to get Hulu to work…