How Do I upgrade my media drive

I have OSMC with a Raspberry Pi 3. I have a WD 2TB passport drive that contains all my media. I want to upgrade I now have a WD 5TB passport drive. How do I get the system now use the 5TB drive for my media files. It recognizes that I have a 5TB drive mounted. Must be some settings I need to Change?

Assuming you don’t want to ditch your library and start over you can name the new drive the same as the old so it automatically mounts to the same place. If that doesn’t work you can force it by manually setting your mount such as what is outlined here…

Alternatively you can leave the new drive as is and use path substitution to automatically redirect Kodi from the old mount path to the new one which is outlined here…

I assume you are talking about drives directly connected to OSMC and not via network, or?
If the 5TB replaces the 2TB drive (not be connected at the same time). Just give them the same label and you don’t have to worry at all.

I renamed the Drive. It worked 1st try! Thank You for all the info!

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I renamed the drive it worked 1st Try thank you!