How do we actually configure transmission?

I installed transmission from the OSMC “app store”.

The web interface is working but

  • a) it doesn’t expose nearly enough of the configuration options
  • b) settings applied there are not reflected in /home/osmc/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

I can find no transmission-related stuff under /etc/ either.

So where is the actual settings file?


Turns out I had to force the daemon to reload settings.json from commandline after editing it:
pkill -HUP transmission-da

Or, if you’re following the instructions here - make sure you don’t skip number 2: shut the daemon down before editing your settings.


sudo systemctl stop transmission

Then editing settings.json and then

sudo systemctl stop transmission

Rather than forcing a reload, as advised in the linked topic; is the recommended way to make changes, if you can’t find the settings you need in the web interface.

Thanks Tom.

I recommend transgui for administration of transmission. (It installs onto your PC, not onto OSMC.)