How do you manage your photos with OSMC?

How do you manage your photos with OSMC?
I looked for an answer on this forum but I haven’t found what I expected.

First of all let me say some years ago I had all my photos on picasaweb then terms of services changed and Google reduced all my photos. Luckily I had a backup. Later I moved on Flickr.

I know with Flickr Add on I can watch them on my TV. I tried it for very short period but it does not seem professional.
Now as first step I want to copy all my images in a folder on my HDD, then I want copy them from HDD to Flickr.
Is there a method to do this?

Let me explain. I usually make photos with my camera and my phone. For phone is easy upload photos on Flickr because I use my phone functionality. The problem is my camera that does not have any wireless/4G connection. Whenever I come back from a vacation I hate turn on my PC and copy everything on PC HDD and then everything on Flickr organizing them by Album.
I would like to put my SD somewhere (i.e. in my Raspberry) and everything is uploaded automatically (like I do with my Phone).

Then as soon as I will be online with my PC, if I have time I organize them by Album. If that is possible with Kodi it is better.

Going back to my first question: what are your main photo scenarios? How do you manage your photos with Kodi?

Here you can share with me your favorite Addons and why you use them. Internet if full of Addons list on images but I am interested on how I can use them for very interesting scenarios.

Consider I do not want nerd stuff (even if I am a very long experienced programmer). For me Raspberry+Kodi is something elegant that must be in my living room and things must be done very easily with tools like remote control or Yatse.


Nobody can help?

What you are asking here is completely dependent on Kodi. OSMC specifically has no bearing. You should be seeking info/support on Kodi behavior from their forums.