How do you put OSMC back from n the box?


I reset my box last night and put software on a usb,. But my box isn’t recognising it. I read you suppose to file name from kernal to recovery.img but I not seeing a kernal file. Just 1 file in total which when opened on a pc just goes into the installing procedure and like I said the box doesn’t even see this… Help!

It sounds like you downloaded the image and put it on a USB, instead of running the installer which writes the image and its partition to the USB.

Use the OSMC installer.

Where do I find that on the site ?

There"s 3 images Raspberry PI, Windows and Mac.

What OS are you using on the PC you use to prepare the USB Stick?
And actually what Device Pi or Vero you want to reinstall?

Windows 8 on my laptop box is a vera 4k.

Then select the Windows installer
And then select Vero 4K/4K+ in the installer.

my box not recognising file though

It sounds like you are not using the OSMC installer.
The OSMC installer will extract the file and configure the USB/SD installation media accordingly. You can’t just copy the file to an external drive to restore OSMC.

From the download page you download the Windows installer and save it to somewhere other than your installation media. Open the installer and select your language and Vero 4K/4K+ then click the arrow to get to the next screen. On this next screen select the newest version, leave the checkbox unchecked, and click on the arrow to get to the next screen. Finally select the device you are going to use for installation and click on the arrow once more. The installer will download the image, erase your media, and then copy over the files needed for you.

Says something about an image ?

Might of sorted it as i got a download going been doing other things online too. So far 30 percent downloaded.

Well it downloaded, transfer to usb still getting fatal error message on boot up. could not find root filesystem device.

If you navigate on your PC to c:\users\[username]\ you should find a file called “osmc_installer_log.txt”. We would need to know the contents of that file to know what went wrong.

Did you ever see the OSMC installer come up on the device?
It should say ‘installing OSMC’.

If it did not come up, then it doesn’t sound like the installer ran.