How Do You View Unwatched Shows Properly?

Personally, I access a custom Trakt list while using the AeonTajo skin’s view settings to show me only “unwatched” shows.

The problem is that some shows get new episodes, but their folder icon does not reappear in the menu.

If I change the skin’s view settings to “All Video”, then I naturally can see the show. The top level icon has it marked as watched. If I go into it, the seasons are all marked as watched. If I go into the latest season, the unwatched episode will be there.

So the Trakt information is coming in, but the skin seems to not be displaying it for some reason.

Does anyone browse “unwatched” TV shows in a different way? Perhaps in the same way but with a different skin that doesn’t cause you problems?


Although this seems like a question much better suited to the Kodi forum I would suggest changing your skin to Estuary and seeing if the behavior is present with that. I normally keep my view set in “unwatched” mode and when I update my library any shows previously fully watched, and thus are hidden from view, instantly pop back up with the new episode when the library scan finishes.

Thanks. I’ve tried this and still see the same results.

While this is technically utilizing a Kodi add-on as well, I bring it up here as a Vero owner because it’s been suggested to me in other Kodi add-on related forums that my issue might have something to do with some incompatibility with Vero’s OSMC install.

My hope was that perhaps others were doing something similar to me with a Vero, yet seeing no such issues in their setups.

Then tell us what addon you are using? If it’s piracy related, you’ll receive no support here.

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