How does DSD work within KODI?

Until now i never tried to play dsf files within KODI.
Well, my raspberry 3 has a digi+ hat and is plugged to my receiver through RCA cable.

How does it work within Kodi ? Does it transcode dsf files into pcm first or not ?
If so, what’s is the sample rate used, and is it configurable ?

Sorry, this is probable more a Kodi question, but i did not find any relevant answer on kodi forum:(

Thanks for your help

Transcoded to 192/24 pcm, I had alot of cpu issues with dsf files, so I converted them all to 88/24 flacs.

You mean that KODI transcode every dsf files ? There is no possibility play them directly as is ?

Do you know how to change the sample rate to 176 000 htz ? as is better with those files ?

There is no way to play them direct no, changing the sample rate isn’t possible as far as I know.