How does the library function handle multiple drives

My thinking is it seems the library will continue to be active even when a drive is disconnected.

This is great, however say my library is built across 4 drives is there a way for it to show which drive was the source?

Or some mechanism to visually show the library item is not available. Eg ‘grey’ out or some icon saying that file is not on the drive connected?

No. This is not a function Kodi is built with. It assumes the sources of the media will be available any time it is running, in regards to the library that is.

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Thanks. Could the drive source label be added to the library then as say a display item… Enhancement request… I can’t be the only one with same ‘requirement’

That is going to depend on the skin, you’d have to request to the skin developer.

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Thanks it’s the standard OSMC one. Nice and clean.

I’m not sure we can get that information from Kodi to display it in the skin :thinking: As the item is added to the library, the original path isn’t passed on by Kodi anymore, just the library path. Which would be of little use.

You can create smart playlists though which filter your library by path. Those playlists can also be added to your home screen as a direct shortcut - via the skin settings menu (customize home menu).

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Thanks I will give them a go