How does Vero 4K+ handle Dolby Atmos 7.1

Hi folks, this isn’t really a help/ support query as much as it’s a “How’s that work?” query.

I grabbed a Shield TV Pro recently to compliment the Vero 4k+ (long story about Plex not bother to update it’s Kodi addon for a while now…) and noticed that the Vero direct-plays a 7.1 audio stream whereas the Shield doesn’t. Is this an inherent Kodi / Vero capability?

My setup is as follows:
NAS: Synology DS1819+ running PMS and accessed over SMB.
TV: Philips 55PUT6102/98
Soundbar: Just a generic 2.0, connected to the TV via HDMI ARC
Vero 4K+ connected to the TV via HDMI.
Runs the Plex for Kodi official app, all set to play original quality, no transcoding.
Speedtest shows no issues whatsoever, files play near instantly when I click
Wired Gigabit Network

MediaInfo of the file: vero -


Isn’t that your answer? Otherwise your question is why doesn’t the Shield? - best asked in a Shield forum.

The Plex server chooses how to pass the file over. Certain connections have limitations regardless of what the client device can actually support. The Kodi add-on when your using direct play is literally just facilitating the transfer of the original file untouched so your Vero is able to play the file the same as if it wasn’t going through Plex in the first place. As such I think it is a ask the Plex forum question.