How have you modded your OSMC?

Hi all,

I was wondering what kinds of changes you made to your OSMC installation?
Skins, addons, scripts etc. Maybe others could find new tweaks/addons that are usefull for them too even without knowing :slight_smile:

I for example have;


  1. Trakt
    I use plex on my iPhone and on my PC at work, so trakt keeps my watched status identic between my plex and osmc

  2. Watchdog
    To make automatic library updates for my movies and tvshows.

  3. PVR Client
    Dvblink, only to watch Live TV.
    I have another Raspberry pi at my summerhouse with a better TV distributor then my normal home, so i stream via a VPN from that.

  4. Subtitles add-ons.
    OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi and Subscene

  5. SpotiMC
    To listen to spotify music via my box


  1. Eminence
    Primarily since it pretty lightweight and i like the view of it.

  2. Aeon Nox - only playing around with it for now to test it out.
    it has better LiveTV view and library views. It’s a bit more heavyweight, but is definitely usable on my raspberry pi 2’s, so i’m still testing it out when my girlfriend is out doing her girl stuff.


  1. Stop playback, when tv is shut off (when tv doesent respond to ping, it sends stopplayback command to osmc - it checks every 5minutes)

I never shut of my pi, so when the TV is stopped, it makes sure that there is no live TV streaming (since it uses 9- 12mbit) - ambilight is also quite weird to look at when tv is shut off, so that off-course stops too after a few minutes.

Changed skipstep settings, so when i rewind/fastforward, it only does 60seconds pr. click and not 1click: 10sec, 2click: 20sec 3: click: 60sec: 4 Click: 5minutes etc.

Hyperion (ambilight) for the livingroom TV

Button re-assignment for my Mele f10 (a how to is made too for that)

All running on two Pi2’s overclocked to 1Ghz for livingroom and bedroom

Done and working:

  • minor customisations to stock confluence skin
  • VPN server
  • dynamic DNS IP updating service
  • pushover integration to push mobile notifications when:
    • an OSMC system update is available
    • OSMC version has been upgraded
    • new packages are installed via apt
    • my dynamic ISP-assigned IP address changes
    • new media gets added to my Kodi library
  • retrosmc retro-gaming emulation platform
  • re-mapped remote with shortcut to toggle debug logging
  • custom TV show smart playlist that shows unwatched ‘recently aired’ episodes in chronological order

Thinking about:

  • AirPrint server
  • internet connection speed logging and notifications
  • some kind of IP camera setup with my tv’s webcam
  • vnc server
  • mysql database for use with 2 pis in local lan
  • ovpn autoconnect to remote music server
  • autmount nfs shares in local lan and from remote vpn
  • sonarr
  • jackett
  • couchpotato
  • headphones
  • transmission server
  • htpc manager
  • retrosmc
  • airprint server
  • webinterface: chorus2
  • skin: ftv (the hitcher)


  • trakt
  • transmission client (with autostop seeding when playback)


  • shairport
  • maraschino
  • sickrage

would be interested in:

  • stop playback script when amp or tv is off (not sure if possible, none of the devices is in network)
  • pushover integration to push mobile notifications when update is available (howto?)

Here’s the Pushover HowTo:

Edit: Just realised the HowTo doesn’t have the check for available update code. I’m away at present but will update the HowTo when I’m back in a few days.

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Just wanted to thank you for your tips! Very interesting ideas indeed. I will share my mods once I’ve tested yours at first. :slight_smile:

all kinds of nice add-ons in ¨Kodi¨ Osmc-mediacenter
Xorg framebuffer with open gl support lightdm-greeter and Mate Desktop.

And a tool to switch ¨reboot¨ in to either osmc-mediacenter or Xorg and lightdm-greeter
only using ctrl-alt-backspace.

My mods will soon be available via github .

I changed the background.


TC, how did you get Eminence to work? I’ve been trying for hours to figure out why my fresh install of OSMC only has 13 skins–and my search eventually led me here.

I’d love to get some help on this!

Your fresh install had 13 skins allready installed?
Mine only had Confluence and the OSMC skin pre-installed.

I simply went into kodi settings to change skin. In there, it was possible to download additional skins, including Eminence.
Are you able to find the eminence skin, or do you get an error message when trying to install it?

Sorry, I could have worded that better.

No, when I go to “Get More Skins” there is a variety of skins available but Eminence isn’t one of them (this is the latest version, on Pi3). Another interesting note is that a skin I installed on a different SD card for my Pi2 isn’t on there, either. Is there a specific repository I can install/enable that has access to more skins?

Not sure what causes that. I only have two Pi2’s, both of them with emince installed directly from osmc. I would suggest you to create a new topic concerning the issue, as that would give you a better chance on finding a fix for that :slight_smile:

My install is two- maybe three months old where i installed emince, so i can’t be sure that emincence has been withdrawn from the repository since then. Can’t imagine it however.

I would love to say I use it out of the box but I did a few things.

Changed the Skin to Confluence (I’m not able to update my wife to use the OSMC-skin, may need to debug this)
Install the VNC-Viewer
Changed the Key-Layout to german on the console
and Installed the Samba from the Store

ah and some Plugins for some MediaTheken from German TV-Stations and Youtube, and one for Radio-Stations.

I would say either debug or upgrade required

could be expensiv