How hot does the bottom of the player get?

Is it possible to put the Vero 4K on top of my Blu-ray player or is it getting too hot?

Well warm air rises up so I would be more concerned about the heat the blueray player induce to the Vero then the otherway around. But I would say due to it’s small footprint the Vero likes to have good air circulation

My Vero 4k ist located from the beginning on a Philips BD player but this does not emit any heat at all.

Tip: I used the retaining plate which came with the vero 4k to fix it on the player since all the connected cables made it impossible to place it aligned on the player’s case which has an even surface.

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Yep, I know that warm air rises up. :slight_smile:

But I have 25cm available above the Vero and if the Vero is put on top of something, there’s about 2 millimeters between the surface and the device. So I believe it is more important how hot the bottom gets.
e.g. my MacBook 2008 gets so hot at the bottom that you can’t even hold it anymore. I’d consider that way too hot for putting it on my Blu-ray player.

Thank you. Same here. My Blu-ray player does not get hot either. I just wanted to make sure that I can put the Vero 4K on top of another device.