How I achieved separate language movie folders for Kodi with Plex

It’s been some time now I’m using OSMC and I really love it. The look and feels are awesome and I wouldn’t change it for anything else. But there’s one thing I personally think is missing from Kodi (and so OSMC): multilingual support. I’m not talking about the language of the system or the ability to switch language in a movie having multiple audio but the fact that in the video folder there’s every movies in every language.
As I have some content in french and content in english as well I wanted to separate them so I know easily which one is in which language mostly for members of my family who don’t speak english.

The first solution I used is the following: 2 separate source folder on my NAS with a scrapper in french for french content and a scrapper in english for english content. Like this even though I have only one folder the movie title and the description is in the corresponding language.

That’s a not so bad solution and used it for a while. But recently I changed a bit my installation by installing Plex on my NAS as it allows to have unified metadata across all my computers and OSMC. Plex let you create multiple libraries and so created one in english and one in french so it’s clearly separated in Plex.

Then I installed PlexKodiConnect to link my OSMC with Plex. Now I’m able to customize my OSMC menu by adding two elements pointing on the Plex libraries and voilà, two separate movie directory. And I did the same for TV series.

It’s actually the best solution I found to use perks of both Kodi and Plex without loosing the seamless OSMC experience. I just wanted to share my solution and if it can help someone it’s all good :slight_smile:
And if someone want more informations I can explain more in details and even add screenshots (or even do a HowTo) but basically it’s pretty easy to make it work.

Having the same problem… One solution would be to have the language in the filename of the file, or to configure the scrapper by a config file in the folder?

Anyone has an other idea?