How i can install fish into rbp

Hey guys, i’m trying to install fish into osmc. I’m trying apt update && apt install fish but it don’t work, how i can do?

I don’t believe fish is available in the Jessie repo, due to security issues it was dropped by Debian. Although this may have changed since:

Thanks Tom.

This cause OSMC it’s based on debian jessie (stable), right?


So i don’t have chance to install fish into my osmc?

You can try building it from source but no, it isn’t in the repository.

Hi thymbahutymba,

I’m not sure if this work or is even recommended on osmc. But it seems fish is now jessie-backports:

If you wish to install fish from backports, back up your sd card before proceeding.

head over to:
for a general overview.

Thanks Tom.


Forget to mention:

It’s recommended you remove jessie-backports from deb sources after installing fish, as leaving it may break future osmc updates.