How (if at all) do you change slideshow settings via a python script

I have a ~/.kodi/userdata/ script which kicks off a slideshow but sometimes the settings are changed during operation.

Is there a way to set the pan-and-zoom and image timing via script?

That way I can set those settings in the autoexec script and not worry if the settings have been changed at last operation.


This might be of use:

Thanks - I had spent a while scouring that before and couldn’t find a function that changes the settings. I checked again but still didn’t see one that would change the pan/zoom setting or slide timing.

The ‘Slideshow’ function includes the ability to override the ‘Randomize’ setting, but not the timing or pan/zoom. I saw functions that change the settings level (basic, advanced, etc) or open dialog boxes but as I said, I want this to be non-interactive. There are also a couple for changing skin settings but the slideshow settings are not part of the skin.

If there IS a built in function that would do the trick, could you point me in its direction?