How install tvheadend server in OSMC since May 2018?

Hi, i was succeed to install tvheadend server on my rpi3 last years, it was necessary to update my OSMC from last revision, but the update has failed and my old install of OSMS i now good to be deleted. So now my installation is a new OSMC without Tvheadend server installed and all the old link i know to install tvheadend server are failed. Im sure you have a solution. Thanks you. Regards

It’s in the App Store under MyOSMC :wink:

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Did you have a tvheadendservice running as the SSH when enabled as i had on my old OSMC 2017?On APP OSMC sorry but for me there is no tvheadendserver or im not on the good OSMC skin? Which one are you using?


You should see MyOSMC on the home screen, then select the store.

Thanks Tom.

oh yeah, it was not so easy on 2017, so i found difficult where there is no. Thanks i find it