How is the UI speed on Vero V?

I’m about to order a Vero V, but the one thing that is holding me back is the responsiveness of the UI when scrolling through movie cover art.

I am currently using a Nvidia Shield Pro, exclusively just for kodi and am very pleased with the speed that the cover art loads when quickly scrolling through movies. I have my movie library set up to Movie Wall view (with over 3000 movies). I was hoping to get some experiences of how others find scrolling through the cover art? And if anyone would be willing to even record the responsiveness of their system so that I can see?

Thanks in advance!

Which skin are you using? Sometimes UI response time can be dependent on the skin. With the Estuary skin (which is the vanilla Kodi default), I find the UI on the Vero V very responsive. But if you have a skin that has loaded a dozen addons running in the background that need to provide data every time you change the movie selected, it might be slower than you’d like.

Should be fine, unless you’re using a very heavy skin. Even then still fine, but maybe not fast enough for you.

If you name the skin you intend to use I’m sure someone can check