How Kodi is configured under OSMC to provide proper DVD menu handling?


I am using a USB connected DVD player with my RPi2. As I am using the RPi for several other stuff as well as a media center, I tried to configure Kodi under both Raspbian Wheezy (with Kodi 14.2) and Jessie (with Kodi 15.2) to play DVDs properly. Most of my DVDs were failed to be played properly as the movie wasn’t started from the DVD menu.
I ended up trying OSMC and playing DVDs worked out of the box without any issues. Just out of curiosity how and where Kodi has to be configured to handle DVD menus seamlessly?


I believe kodi in raspbian is build purely from upstream (e.g. kodi/Isengard).
OSMC uses patches from my isenguard_rbp_backports branch which includes some additional pi specific patches that haven’t been accepted upstream yet. Some of these are specifically for DVD playback.

Also OSMC includes hooks for detecting DVDs, mounting the drive and notifying kodi of the change which may help.