How may I edit skip steps?

I m trying to use the video player to move back and forth using the remote.
Whatever I do it will move only in 10 second steps, forwards OK but backward not so good.

For what I am doing I need bigger skips but the settings page offers a string of steps which I cannot edit.

Please could somebody give me a clue.

Steps are aligned to multiple presses.
1 press is 10 Seconds
2 press is 30 Seconds
3 press is 1 Minute
and so on up to 30 Minutes.

You can enable/disable certain steps if needed (e.g. disable the 10 Seconds if you don’t want it.
So not sure if you need more than (30 Minutes) or you just didn’t caught the concept of multiple press to jump further?

Kodi’s wiki on the subject is rather comprehensive including information on how to edit the available values (I added a 15 second value to my boxes because I like mine setup as the first small steps 30 forward and 15 back).

Hi and many thanks. I found the multiple press very unreliable but darwindesign’s link is exactly what I needed for a start. Will delete some of the finer times and see how I get on.
Thanks again and have a good New Year.

There is a setting called “skip delay” found under where you set which skip set times. Making this time a bit longer can help with making your stacked keypresses consistent without having to press the buttons particularly fast.

Just to say thank you darwindesign. All seems to be OK and nowworking as required.
I would never have found this solution without your help.
Thanks again,