How much can it handle?

I’m thinking of using my Vero 4k+ to Radarr, Sonarr, Basarr, Jackett, Transmission, NZBget. Can it handle this without affecting the playback? I will only use the dowloaded material locally on the 4k!

Yes - but for the best throughput avoid any drives formatted as NTFS.

Thank you. I will try it.

From my own experince, i would say yes but be prepared for instability, ie. multpile hardlocks/ week. This is down to OOM but haven’t been able to identify what is the cause. If you are going to run that set up, frequent reboots are advisable to free up memory,

OOM means out of memory. You could use a swap file or check which service is problematic by disabling one at a time. You should find the cause promptly.

Yes, as I can start a media file and watch memory consumption jump to 80-90% and then it locks. I have page file enabled.

I could do as you suggested but I need all the services I run so have to lump it really. I know for the avergae user 2gb is enough, but to make this more of an all rounder, I’d like to see it bumped up for the next iteration.

I installed all apps through portainer and they seems to be working fine. I get really low throughput thou around 10Mb/s. I’m using an USB 3.0 memory formatted as exFAT. Maybee this performance is expected? I’m on a 1000/100 fiber connection

It depends on the workload. I would measure IO performance first with something like smartctl or even dd to get an idea of what the disk is capable of.