How open is OSMC

I am wondering how open OSMC really is. I am unable to install a number of my standard unofficial addons. I either get a failed message or a dependcies not met message. Worse still none of the unofficial servers that can be accessed from RaspBmc are working on OSMC. Same can be said of skins. Having ordered a Vero purely to support Sam rather for all the gorgeousness it offers I am wondering if it’s worthwhile to go the new OSMC which is full of bugs or stick to my first gen Rpi with raspBmc which still has loads of life on it.

You might want to explain a bit more about your specific issue and post a log of it occuring.

If the ‘standard unofficial addons’ you mention are questionably legitimate/legal I suspect you might need to go elsewhere for support.

You seem to be a bit confused about some things, nothing you mention are limited and they are not bugs.
Unmet dependencies usually means that the addon is to old for the version of Kodi you are running and you need to get a new version (or the addon author needs to update his addon).
This particular issue has nothing to do with OSMC though, it is all Kodi related. It would be the same on any platform or OS you use (if you have the same Kodi version)
You can force install an addon with unmet dependencies manually (you need to install all dependencies manually though), but Kodi limits the installation through GUI for a reason (old and not updated addons usually don´t work). So that said, it will probably work poorly anyway.

Get a hold of the addon author and see if there is an updated version.

I have no idea what unpfficial servers you are talking about, but again, nothing is blocked or any of the sorts if that was your suspicion.

By the way, OSMC is completely open, check out our github and have a look.