How reset osmc-Kodi to factory defaults?

Can someone tell me how to factory reset Kodi?
Thank you.

If you just want Kodi reset, all you need to do is rename the .kodi directory.

Enter the following commands with an SSH connection.

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/kodi.bak
systemctl start mediacenter

If needed you can restore:

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/kodi.bk2
mv ~/kodi.bak ~/.kodi
systemctl start mediacenter

If your original setup was restored as expected and you want get rid of the unneeded clean install you can delete that with the following command.

rm -r ~/kodi.bk2

I will try to do it tomorrow,
Thank you so much

SSH commands have worked fine,
Kodi is now clean, and I’m going to set it up again.
Thank you bmillham for your help

If your sure you don’t want anything from your old install you can free up the space it is taking with…

rm -r ~/kodi.bak