How to access boot menu on Vero 4K+


How can I access boot menu on Vero 4K+ ? I need to boot from an usb stick.

Thank you

There is no boot menu. To boot from USB you need to compile the kernel specially for that.

Do you just want to boot the OSMC installer from USB to reload the software?


Thank you for your replies.

No, I use (legal) IPTV from my internet provider. The Kodi “Simple IPTV addon” has relatively poor performance so I want to install Android x86 on my device to have better IPTV apps. I like my Vero 4K+ and I really would like avoiding buying another device and having more control on the hardware I bought …

The Vero isn’t x86 based and there is no official Android support. A better option would be to add your IPTV playlist to TVheadend server which will give you better control over the channels you actually want and should significantly improve performance


Android-“x86” is just the name of the project, they propose 64 bits versions of android, that’s why I wanted to install it.

Tvheadend and other tv streaming servers have the same problem than Simple IPTV addon : lacking of Catch-up/Replay and VOD functions.

Unless they have an ARM version built specifically for Vero, it won’t work unfortunately.

There are builds for Raspberry 4. so I thought it should work.

Well, I would venture a guess that those are optimized for the GPU of Pi4, not Vero4 since these two boards both are ARM64. doesn’t mean they are compatible when it comes to anything other then actual CPU instructions. The kernel in Android has to have support for the GPU / Ethernet / Wifi / Bluetooth / SBC-local storage of the Vero. Just local storage on SBC isn’t even in the Pi4 picture.

So even if RPi4 image is available, I would, with 85% confidence, promise it wont work on a Vero4k.

Ps. The 85% comes from there are general software solutions/standards, like non accelerated Framebuffer. Which would probably work on both Vero4k and Pi4, but since it’s non accelerated, the experience would leave the user wanting for more, to that extant that most user would find it unusable. Same goes for other hardware abstractions, it’s posible, but it will kill performance and user experience.