How to access transmission on OSMC from windows pc?

I have a raspberry pi 3 running the latest build of OSMC and I installed transmission torrent client on it from the OSMC app store, and I can’t connect to it. On my windows 10 PC (which is on the same network), I have typed in the IP address of the pi and the default port ( but it won’t connect to the pi, it says “This site can’t be reached, refused to connect”.

Is there some sort of configuration I have to do on the pi in OSMC or by SSH first before accessing the client?

I have made sure it is enabled properly and installed properly and have rebooted. I have also tried accessing from different devices on the network and have tried googling but no answers have been found so far.


Oh, thanks haha

I like transmission remote gui - it has clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Source is available as well.