How to access W10 folders (& USB Drives) with Vero4k+

I’ve been on a rapid learning curve this week with Vero4k. I’ve been using Kodi on a PC for as long as I can remember.

I have a W10 PC with an external USB drive full of media. I’ve enabled the SMB1 in the WindowsFeatures.

The PC is named Media and the shared folder is Movies3

I can access over the LAN from other W10 PC’s with a Start, Run, \Media\Movies3

If prompted for a username & password I enter the local W10 login credentials.

To access this in OSMC these are the steps I’ve taken…

Settings, Media, Library, Add Videos
Add Network Location

Protocol = SMB
Server name = Media
Shared folder = Movies3
Username = media (my W10 login username)
Password = ******** (my W10 login password)

I hope this help someone else new here too.

I recommend giving the PC a static IP if possible and using that


Post removed, not relevant

Avahi should be picking this up without the need for these changes.
Are you able to ping hostname.local without these packages?

I tested it without luck, reason of the workaround. The Vero was not my own so hard to tell. Not many customization so far I saw but I can’t exclude it was a particular case.

If you see no reason it occurred I think better to remove my post to not confuse people. Do you confirm the SMB mount should work with smb:\\PC_NAME.local\share ?

(I don’t own yet a Vero to proceed with the test myself)


If hostname resolution is working on your network; yes; but I recommend static IPs where possible.


I removed my post&procedure. I’ll have to configure another Vero soon and will try to test it again with a fresh install.