How to add 2nd RPi

I am looking to add a 2nd Rpi to my collection and want to do the following: Use the 2nd Pi to access all the info on the 1st Pi that hosts all the content. Is this possible?
I know that Kodi can use shared libraries and was thinking that may work, but not sure.
Essentially I want to have another TV in part of my house that uses the main interface of OSMC to stream everything from the main OSMC in a different room.

Are there any odd caveats I need to look out for?

Basic things to watch out for:

  1. Ensure that all clients use the same version of Kodi
  2. If the media you want to play is local on one of the OSMC (and not on a central NAS) then you have to set path substitution respectively
  3. Always make backups of the database before upgrades
  4. As the Kodi user need full rights on the database server I personally recommend to run a dedicated mysql server for this purpose (e.g, on one of the OSMC machines).

Thanks! As of right now both will be running OSMC. I think I’ll give this a go in the near future. Thanks for your help!

you may also want to look in to Emby (
They have a kodi plugin which works very well and I have found it very useful for managing a library on multiple devices with multiple users.

It also has the added benefit that it has a central interface for managing meta data which is very useful for when items get picked up incorrectly