How to add Kodi to OSMC

OK i feel very stupid and confused here. Just got my Vero 4k and had problems connecting to network so thought I would reinstall OSMC (yeah,… I know) Anyhow I have reinstalled OSMC manged to get my network connected, but I now dont have the KODI interface there just the basic OSMC.
I have searched everywhere but cant seem to find out how to reinstall KODI
Help appreciated.

What do you define as basic OSMC? Maybe share a picture.

Are you referring to skins or the actual GUI?


So you are getting directly into a command line? Share a picture!
Otherwise try a reinstall again as Kodi is an integral part of OSMC and I doubt you would get anything other than Kodi on the screen

I think maybe he sees the OSMC skin and not Estuary.

You probably selected the OSMC Skin and not ‘Classic’ which is Estuary. You can change this under Settings -> Appearance.


I re installed (again) and that fixed the problem.
On a side note I have to say I am super impressed with the video quality of this player, in comparison to my other Kodi boxes.

I’m glad to hear that. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.