How to add movie which was not scrapped?

I have successfully added number of movies and they all was scrapped usinf Universal Movie Scrapper addon, but also I have one movie which is not appearing in Movies menu item. I think this movie is not in scrapperonline database, but I still want to have it near the rest of movies in main list. How to do that?

PS: movie name: “Yi yi”. And filename is “Yi yi (2000).mkv”

Create an .nfo file for the film and put it in the folder where it lives.

Is there any way to automate this process, I mean autocreation .nfo files with basic file info in case of scrapper has no info?

May be it’s good idea to write some bash (python, doesn’t metter) script which will create basic xml file with at least Movie name, some info from mediainfo tool and creates poster at least from ffmpegthumbnailer or similar tool?
I can help to do this, but I really need project leads help to integrate it in OSMC, from what can start?

Ummm that sounds like the definition/function a scraper to me… Of which several exist. Did you try any other scrapers besides the one that doesn’t find your media file?

You report an issue with a single file here… Sounds like overkill for a one-off issue that is pretty simply resolved… But more importantly, this is an issue with Kodi behavior, not specific to OSMC. If you wish to make some sort of suggestion, you probably need to provide it on their forum so that Kodi dev’s are able to see it.

You are right - it is KODI-relatet question… So we can close it here.

BTW, I donno why, but this movie appeared in main list of Movies, I’m happy now =))

If a movie does not scrape correctly IMHO the best solution is to rename the file until it does. Try looking the movie up manually on and see what they call the movie, then rename the file appropriately. Sometimes you must add (or remove) the year from the name, and many movies have several alternative names in different countries.