How to add 'Music' to main screen list?

Hi all! Long time, been stuck o’seas. Whew :upside_down_face:
I want to add Music to the left frame of the Kodi\OSMC home screen. At the moment all that’s there are (from the top down):
Icons: Power Gearwheel Magnifying Glass
There used to be more in this list but I think I must have removed them.
How can I add ‘Music’ to the list?
Once I have that link I think I can remember how to locate and add the music files.
TY so much!

It depends on what skin your using and you didn’t say what your using. If you go into Kodi’s settings then to interface you should be able to find options to configure your skin.

Oh, sorry, my bad. The skin is Estuary, I think.

settings>interface>skin>configure skin>main menu items>music>[click to enable]

That will get you “music” on the main landing page and inside there you will find files>add music>

Thank you so much, I’ll try that as soon as I get back.

EDIT: Excellent, worked perfecto,

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