How to attach Wireless PS3 controller RPI3?

As title says,
Im on Krypton, so it should be straight forward right?
But how does one connect PS3 controller?


For gaming ?

Well i have retropie (retrosmc) installed in my osmc system

But its both for Kodi and retropie :wink::blush:

No one?

how exactly did you install this? did you start with osmc and then add retropie, or did you start with retropie the install kodi?

Start with osmc and then added retropie, i used the guide on this forum

Guys forget the retropie, i wanna have my PS3 remote to connect to osmc

Pair it via the command line or in My OSMC -> Bluetooth.
I’m not sure if anything further is needed for it to work.

Thanks Sam, but it does not see my PS3 controller in there, it only sees my soundbar (which has bluetooth)
I Tried connecting it with a USB cable, then my PS3 controller shakes like crazy but it will not Work

Edit: any easy guide to connect it throu command line?

I never got it to work on Pi-3 using the built in Bluetooth for Kodi but it works for Retropie on OSMC
I have been told you need a approved Bluetooth adapter to use it on KODI

I refuse to accept that it cannot connect t pi 3 running Kodi,

Sam do you and/or your team have a Solution?


(there already several solutions)

You can use your ps3 controller to use with both kodi ans retrosmc.

  • For kodi17 just follow the instructions in kodi 17 itself when choosing ps3 controller.
    settings, systems, input, peripherals, configure attached controllers, get more …,playstation controller,[select it and configure]
  • For retrosmc, you can use a guide I’ve made some months ago:

Look into this link:

Good luck.
(and post back your results)

yes but i cannot see my controller in>Addons>My OSMC>Network>bluetooth
i can only see my phone and soundbar (wich has bluetooth) ???

so i still help with connecting my PS3 controller with OSMC?!?

PS3 controller does not appear in Bluetooth menu.
Use the peripherals menu as described above.

Try this

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Tryed, still can’t get it to work

Sudo sixpair
Command not found…

have you installed it ?

sudo apt-get install sixad

please read my previous post and the link I’ve shared:
Support for dualshock controller is direct in OSMC (Kodi 17).
sixad is needed for support in retropie

I did everything you said above…
Still no work…

May it be because I’m using a cheap Chinese PS3 controller?

Edit: it does pop up under peripherals

As of today, I can confirm the procedure shared by @Rickt1962 works well. I’m using a genuine PS3 controller.