How to cancel and remove update before it's installed?


I have setup my osmc on march 2020 version as the buster update breaks compatibility with app that relies on pulse audio.

I see notification the osmc has downloaded updates and are ready to install. I forgot to set the update option to never.

Have clicked no to restart but it will update upon reboot.

Can i remove this update in command line to prevent the update from starting when i reboot?

It won’t update on reboot.

It will never update without you pressing update, unless you previously accepted a distribution upgrade update. But it sounds like you’ve refused that.

Yeah notification said OSMC update has been downloaded do you want restart to update.

I clicked no.

Well that good to know it won’t update itself.

Where are the downloaded updates stored? Would like to remove them to free up space if they have been downloaded and won’t be used.


AFAIK the MyOSMC updater uses python-apt. Unless it’s been configured to use a different location to store the downloaded packages, they’ll be in /var/cache/apt/archives. Perhaps @sam_nazarko can confirm.

Running sudo apt-get clean will delete the files in /var/cache/apt/archives.

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