How to capture OSMC and KODI screenshots?

Vero 4K attached to TV:
I’ve tried taking camera pics of my TLC TV screen but they’re not great quality.
Can I install OSMC\KODI on a pc or laptop and get the screenshots that way?
I’m constructing a Vero configuration How-To-Do-It to use when I get even more doddery than now.

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Ctrl-s will take a screenshot on any platform including Vero.

Thanks, but my question was ‘Can I install OSMC\KODI on a pc or laptop?’


Kodi yes, osmc no.

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Thanks, ActionA :sunny:
Actually, it just occurred to me that maybe I could send the Vero 4K output to a PC instead of the TV, and grab the screens from there. Or are computers’ HDMI ports only OUT and not IN?

OUT only. If you want to get snapshots using the OSMC skin, then you can install our skin under windows. But the easiest thing would be to plug a keyboard in to Vero.

A keyboard? Sorry, I don’t understand how that would help :thinking:

This is how you take a screenshot.

Okay, I understand. And you reckon my Vero would then take a screenshot of the TV screen that it’s connected to via HDMI?

If you have a keyboard connected, CTRL-S will take a screenshot of whatever is displayed on the screen from the Vero. If you are trying to get screenshots from another source, then no, it won’t work.

Thanks. No, all I want to do is get some screenshots of Vero\OSCMC\Kodi menus that shown on the TLC TV screen when Vero is selected as source.

Does Vero then ask for a location to save the pic?