How to change OSMC Logo?


I want to customize the OSMC Logo in the upper left corner to make it a little bit bigger. Where is the png located on local storage?

greetings, Alex

You’ll find it in the Home.xml file in line 75. The file is located here: /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc/16x9.

But be aware that the changes you’ll be making will be overwritten with every update.

awesome! Where is logo.png located?

re-read chillbos messages once more, its in the text i promise


I will reply to this, @Toast, as his question for the png itself is not answered by my post :wink:

The png itself is to be found in the Textures.xbt file in the same location, just not in the ~/16x9 folder, but the ~/media folder. So, you can’t really access it without using the Kodi texture tool (
To make the logo bigger, it should be enough to edit the width and hight dimensions of the image control that I pointed you to, @klwn. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks @Chillbo :slight_smile: I would like to change the squared logo to the “OSMC” text logo. So I will will take a look at the texture tool to extract/replace the logo.

Edit: looks like the tool is Windows only, so I guess I have to come up with a different solution. Isn’t it possible to re-locate the texture file somewhat like this…

	<!-- Logo -->
	<control type="image">

Question is, what is the default path OSMC is using for asset storage? So in my case, where does the folder “logo” has to be stored?


The Textures.xbt basically just replaces all the content of the media folder in a compressed fashion.

I’d recommend, you read up on skinning questions in the respective Kodi wiki:
All the questions you have should be answered there.

Still: all the changes you’re making in the skin.osmc folder will be replaced with a next update. :wink:

okay thanks. Yes, I have made a update package incase the next update goes live, so I can easily replace the files I have changed.

works perfect :slight_smile: thanks again for the help!

One comment: It’s at the same place as the date, if you enable it. And does it work with the now playing notification? :wink:

Chillbo it acutally looks better with no logo there might be something worth thinking about :slight_smile:

Removing our logo would first and foremost be something for @sam_nazarko to decide. But, tbh, I don’t agree, @Toast :wink:

it looks less cluttered that all that im saying and ofc its up to sam but from an esthetic standpoint it looks way better