How to change the size of RSS font?

Hey, I was just wondering how can I change the size of RSS font?

I read all the info here, but I don’t know where to enter the XML code? I tried adding it to RssFeeds.xml but that didn’t work, so could you please help me out a bit?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The information you mention is for skin-developers so I’m guessing this has to be done in the skin settings (if provided). If not, you could try to modify the skin settings (search in /usr/share/kodi/addons in the xml-files but be aware that an update of the skin probably will erase this…

Have a look in Home.xml:

	<control type="rss" id="1">

Try changing Font30 to Font27 or Font25 for smaller, Font33 or Font36 for bigger. To make your changes permanent, copy the whole skin.osmc and edit that, all as described on the kodi wiki.

Hey, thank for the info. I’m using Arctic Zephyr theme, and I found a file called Include-Home.xml, so I’m guessing that’s it.

One question though, can I just paste the code or do I need to put inside of a specific element?
For example, here’s the content of Home.xml

    <include name="HomeHeader">
    <!-- Header -->
    <control type="group">

        <animation effect="slide" start="0" end="0,-250" time="150" condition="[!Skin.HasSetting(home.classicwidgets) + Control.HasFocus(301)]">Conditional</animation>
        <animation effect="slide" start="0" end="0,-250" time="150">WindowClose</animation>
        <animation effect="slide" end="0" start="0,-250" time="150">WindowOpen</animation>
        <control type="image" description="TopBG">
            <aspectratio aligny="top">scale</aspectratio>
            <texture colordiffuse="Background">common/bg.jpg</texture>
            <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="75" time="200" condition="true">Conditional</animation>
        <control type="image" description="FanartOverlay">
            <aspectratio aligny="bottom">scale</aspectratio>
            <texture colordiffuse="FloorFade">common/floor.png</texture>
        <control type="image" description="Shadow">
            <texture flipy="false">common/shadow16B.png</texture>
        <control type="group">

I don’t know if I should have a special include element with a designated name. I checked the file, there’s no mention of RSS anywhere. Maybe I should try looking into other xml files until I find the one that references RSS and then make the changes?

try grep -rli 'rss' to find the rss element.


From looking at the github, the change needs to be made in Custom_Rss.xml, for that skin.


Thanks Tom, this fixed my problem. :slight_smile:

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