How to change the way my library library is displayed?

So I have two Raspberry Pi 2s with OSMC on them. Both work fine however I have one small issue I can’t seem to fix. ON my main box, when I scroll to my Movies list, on the right it gives me box art showing the most recently imported videos. Also when I go into my list of videos it has a horizontal scroll of the box art with only the title underneath. I like this, it is better aesthetically and easier to see.On my secondary box, when I scroll up to Movies it simply says “Year, Genres, Actors, Studios,” on the right and when I click into the actual video list it is simply all the movies in list form. I have searched the settings and can’t see where to change this setting so that I have the same box art scroll that I do on my main box. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I should mention that I am using the standard OSMC skin. Thank you…

I have exactly the same issue. Running OSMC July version

Curious for the solution

When in the list, press left on your control (Or sometimes up) and it’ll bring a pop-up menu up for changing the layout of the library.

wouw!! Thanks. Solution was very simple, but didn’t check the submenu before. Thanks again.