How to check internet connectivity?

Hi there,
I use Vero 4k to read videos from my Synology NAS (local network).
But I just saw i am not able to update the system, because the network connection is down.
Here’s my connectivity :
Vero 4k ← DVI (by ethernet) → ISP box (ethernet) ← (fiber) → internet network
My laptop and my NAS are linked too to the DVI by eternet cables.
But when i try to update the system of Vero 4k, a window appears with “download” but it stays to 0 kbps then the window disappears.
How can i check to connectivity, and do the updates?
Thank you for your help.

Just shot in the dark, might be DNS-settings. Try set manual IP on your device, MyOSMC → network → ethernet.

I don’t know the IP-range on your network and or the IP of your DVI, so enter an free IP in your local network IP-range, set DVI-IP as gateway, and ad and as DNS-servers.

Those DNS servers are Cloudflares public DNS and Googles public DNS.

Hope that helps

Are you familiar with SSH?

I have set DNS with and but it does not seem to work.
@fzinken yes i use ssh at work. but i never use it on my Vero 4k. is there anything to do here?

Suggest to login via SSH (see below) and then do some basic network tests:

ip a check the IP
ip ro check the route
cat /etc/resolv.conf check the DNS entries
ping <GW IP> check if gateway is reachable
ping check if internet is reachable
ping check if DNS resolution works

Check this and let us know the outcome.
Can also check if grab-logs -A works to upload logs, should generate a URL.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Ok thank you!
It seems to work now: I just went to the network menu, i switched to automatic config (DHCP), then switch again to manual config. THe previous values have been reset (IP was x.43, now it’s x.20), and the time displayed was correctly updated (I had the right minutes, but 8 hours difference).
Here’s my config:
Enable Adapter :
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: (empty)
And here i well see Status eth0: connected :grinning:

Many thanks for putting me on the right way!
Now the first step is reached, i can open a new topic because i would like to use my Vero 4k to watch live television (if possible), but i cannot find how and where.

(and by the way, SSH access is right, I run some pings to confirm the connection is ok).