How to check temperature

Hi everyone.

I remember @sam_nazarko saying that he would add a way to check the Vero 4k temperature. Has the AML_THERMAL been added? If not, consider this as a reminder.



I added the module previously for some testing but the driver caused instability. As such, I have decided not to include it.

There is good thermal governing on the Vero 4K so you shouldn’t experience overheating problems.


Hi Sam, thanks for the fast reply. I’ve never experienced problems as you know, but I think it would be a good idea to provide a way to check temps just in case.

Is the module is the only viable option?


Yes – the module is needed to measure temperature.

I didn’t really get much of a chance to look in to the problem with the driver but it does seem to affect other AML based devices too. It’s not really appropriate to include the module if it can cause instability, particularly when very few people would use it, so for now it is on hold.


Indeed. Thanks for clarifying.

Have a good day!

No problem – I’ve made a note of this so will revisit when things get a bit quieter.



I installed a kernel with the thermal module on two devices tonight to see how the family got on.

Not well it would seem (with near instant crashes) on both.

I’ve looked in to it and it probes scpi but there seems to be a few bugs in the AML implementation which cause nasty panics. For the purposes of a module that only reads the sensor thing could indeed be greatly simplified.

This one’s still going to stay low on the list. The need to see temperatures isn’t massive and I’m not sure if people would know whether a temperature is low or high; particularly when you have different temperatures for different parts of the board.


Hi Sam, gotcha. Thanks for looking into this.

Sorry for the late inquiry, but is there no other way to get the temperature from command line? OSMC already has it and shows it so there should be some kind of access to it, even without thermal driver. How can I get it?

I’m plotting several data using rrdtool and would very much like to plot the CPU temperature.


Well it needed a thermal driver which was recently added. You can now read it from /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

It can be read from the System Info page in Kodi currently

Thanks, /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp is what I was looking for, exactly!