How to configure the Pi remotely (via web)


With IP:80 (default) The Web Interface allows us to run movies, clean and scan the Mediatheque… but
Can we setting Kodi ? (on Profile = Nothing happens)
I also tried arch, but this concerns only the web access settings … (IP and Port) (?)

thank you


The interface is so useless :just see the files of movies and launch remote movies … without seeing them ???

it’s too bad

If you really wanted to, you can use the arrow keys on the remote to control OSMC and navigate the menus that way.

Heu…thank, but No,

The actions in this case are blind since the goal is the configuration (without see TV) remote function on PC - and not a “remote control” …
I still say that the Web interface is useless (what use to see the list of film and throw them away?)

my problem :
It was at a distance (“the other side of the earth :-)”, configure OSMC (on Raspberry Pi) for my sister with access to a PC (Teamviewer) - I have therefore spend more than two hours on the phone, with the incomprehension that go with it, just to make him change the language scraper, load an add-on to program a remote control button for contextual menus, etc.
With direct access, it would have taken me 3 minutes.
Well, now it is no longer useful, since it’s done.

For your use case VNC would have been the Solution.