How to connect OSMC with filezilla

I am not sure if I am just reading it wrong, but I have connected filezilla to my osmc and I can see the files on filezilla, but I am not sure how to see the files on my computer. I am currently using raspbian.

Can you explain a bit better what you are trying to do?
Are you using Raspbian on your “computer”?

Generally if you want to share (and not just copy) the files from your computer with a device running OSMC you need to share the files via either samba or nfs.

I have a raspberry Pi that has raspbian installed. I want to take files I have on there and have it so I can watch them on OSMC. I was told that samba was a real hassle and SFTP was easier. I have not heard of nfs.

On what machine is filezilla running?

Filezilla is running on Raspbian.

I’ve always found filezilla straightforward to use - the 2 window structure, with one window for the local files and the other for the ‘remote’ file structure seems to be obvious.
What part of the operation eludes you? Is it where the files on the OSMC are, where the raspbian filea are, or something else?

What eludes me is that I will set up filezilla connect to my OSMC and I am able to see my files in it, but then I will add network location through file manager, and I believe I need to use secure shell SSH/SFTP, but it asks for server address, remote path, port, and username and password which I didn’t create when I made filezilla.

I think you are trying to overcomplicate matters.
If filezilla is running on your raspbian machine, and you can see the files on the OSMC machine in a filezilla window, you must have connected, and are in a position to transfer the files you wish onto the raspbian machine.
What are the further connection details for as you see it)?

Then I may have misunderstood what filezilla does. I previously had my files on windows. I created a shared folder through SMB and was able to go onto OSMC, find the files and watch them in OSMC without using any storage on my raspberry pi. All I want to do is to do the same thing with the raspbian machine. Both machines are on the network so I should be able to access the files in OSMC and watch them just as I did with SMB.

You simply need to add your sftp video sources in Kodi.

I would love to do that but I can’t find out where do to that. Is my server address the same as the one I use for OSMC or a different one. What is the remote path? And what username and password as I didn’t create one when I installed raspbian or filezilla.

Do you want to transfer a few files occasionally to OSMC or do you want to be using Kodi GUI to browse files that are on your Raspbian system?

If the latter then you could install FileZilla SERVER on Raspbian. Then it acts as FTP server for your OSMC Kodi to access/browse/play.

If you want to transfer the occasional file to your Kodi system then install the OSMC FTP server (via Services in MyOSMC) and use FileZilla CLIENT on Raspbian to push the files across.

If the server is ob your Raspbian box then Id/pass is probably pi/raspberry (and you should change the password)

How do you install FileZilla server on Raspbian?

This seems to show that it is only for windows. Now The latter is what I am wanting to do, but I need something that works in Raspbian.

Actually it looks even easier than I suggested.
If you have SSH enabled on your Raspbian system then you should be able to access it via SFTP (as opposed to FTPS).
In that case you tell your Kodi system to access the Raspbian system as the server and use the credentials from above unless you have changed them.