How to connect to a Peertube channel / instance


i have a huge interest for peertube video broadcasting ( see ) i already installed two instances already and i invested some money in its crowfounding.
I have an osmc at home and i want to connect to my peertube instance on it.
I asked on mastodon and was direct to where a plugin is under development for kodi 17 or above.
So i have so basic questions :

  • What is current version of kodi shipped in osmc ?
  • How to test those development python kodi script on osmc ?


OSMC ships the latest stable version of Kodi.



I checked and added in ]( a small script to generate the extension.
It can be installed on osmc, but require to connect on it through ssh an add a linux package with:
apt install python-libtorrent
It does work on my OSMC installation.