How to connect to USB drives connected to VERO

I am looking for a way to connect my Mac to VERO so I can transfer files to the USB drives connected directly to the VERO.

I can sFTP, but only see /movies, /music, /pictures, /TV shows - I do not see any of the drives connected via USB to VERO.

I’ve also tried to connect via SMB, but I can not find VERO via ‘connect…’ in file manager.

Any clues?



OK - so I solved that problem (stupid me - imagine having looked for an hour for a solution, when I just had to go to the / dir).
It does seem like I do not have write permission to the folders on the USB drive though…
I should be able to fix that somehow though :slight_smile:

OK - yup, problem solved. (sam/admin, feel free to delete/archive this thread) :slight_smile:

It can be kept – as it may help others.