How to copy my Kodi setup from RPi to new Vero 4K


I just got a new Vero 4k+ and want to copy the current Kodi configuration on my RPi to the Vero. I want to make sure all the "watched’ settings and everything else is the same. Will a backup and restore of the library do this or do I need to use that Backup add-on?


You can back everything up via My OSMC but this isn’t recommended across different types of devices.

I think exporting and importing your library will be sufficient for your use case.

As long as you don’t restore guisettings.xml then a backup and restore should be fine assuming whatever your source location is does not change on the new device. If your source does change you can work around that by using path substation to allow for your current library to work unaltered. If you want to do a clean install but not lose watched status then you have a few options. One would be to export your library to individual files and then on the new machine add an advancedsettings.xml file that contains the option for importing watched status. When you scrape in your content anew the status will be picked up as recorded by the export. Another option is to sign up to a free account with Trakt and install, configure, and run the Trakt add-on. This will save all your watched status in the cloud and on the new machine you can configure the same add-on to import back your watched status. Trakt can be very handy for showing you (on their web site) which shows you’ve watched and when new episodes of those are airing.

Thanks so much for the help. Trakt was exactly what I needed.

Thanks again,

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