How to Delete Library and Rebuild w/out Removing Data Sources

Is there an option to delete my library so I can rescan everything from scratch?

I often use the “Clean” Library function, but the DB is dirty (images are not resolving etc.) and I want to rescan from scratch. Is there a way to do this from the UI without removing my data sources? I simply want to delete the library and Update Library to rebuild everything.


What you can do via the GUI is explained here

If you feel that is not enough (“images are not resolving” is not related to your library) you could delete the database and the thumbnails folder via the filemanager. You would need to enable show hidden files in settings and then go to /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata.
The Library is in Databases and the thumbnails in Thumbnails

My Library has > 30,000 records and multiple data sources, so you can see why I’m looking for an easy solution. If I remove the Vero 4K from the network and Clean Library, will that provide an option to remove the items it can’t find? (which would effectively delete the library?) Then after re-establishing network connectivity, would a Library Update rescan those same data sources and restore everything as a fresh scan?

Did you read the information on the page I linked to? That explains how you can reload information.

You might also want to check this tool

Yes, I read the linked information when you first posted.

Can you delete the DB while Kodi is running? That seems like it might be problematic to me. I would also think that texturecache13.db should be removed at the same time as the thumbnails folder if someone was going that route.

How much, and exactly what in your library is having issues? Even if you wanted to start a fresh DB it would probably be beneficial to understand why you currently have an issue so it doesn’t repeat. For example if this is happening due to your nfo files or naming scheme then a rescan is not going to move you any farther forward. If it is only a corrupted cache then you could dump that Kodi will rebuild it without dumping your library.

I changed a lot of miscellaneous artwork and repathed (or renamed) other video files/directories. In some instances the artwork updates reflect fine in Kodi, while in other instances the artwork is showing as blank-- it seems like the library is not reading the updated .nfos or it’s caching the old file locations.

Multiple reboots and library updates and Clean Library instances have not done any good. I’m 100% sure the nfo’s and files are pathed correctly as I’m using one of the widly available media manager applications out there. This was a fairly major maintenance update to my library, ergo all the disruption. I thought it best to remove everything and have it scan from scratch.

The clean library should have deleted the old paths, and since you didn’t say anything about duplicate entries i’m assuming it did. As for the update with the media manager you will have to rescrape to get this info. In the first guide fzinken posted there is instruction about setting your source content to none, telling it to remove library items, and then setting up the scraper again. This will update your library with the new info from your nfo files. If you don’t want to touch the command line this would be the path to take. This is probably going to leave you with a bloated thumbnail folder, but with only 30k items in your library you should probably still have plenty of room on the internal storage.

Thanks. Something to try this evening.