How to Disable "Are you still there?"

Since the last update done yesterday I keep on getting a popup after watching 2 tv episodes sometimes even after one episode. The popup saying “are you still there?” and gives 2 options continue watching or cancel. How can one disable this option?

There is no such function in Kodi that I’m aware of.

Sounds like some Addon you have installed is doing this…

I’m pretty sure that’s a Netflix feature.

there is an old saying RTFM its your TV and you need to disable that setting :slightly_smiling:

can you take a picture of it, but as toast says i could be your TV…

one test you can do, use a kodi remote like an app or http://osmc.local and test if you can use kodi behind the dialog box you see.


Thanks DBNandrake

I found the culprit it was the Arctic Zypher skin that after about 3 movies of continuous watching it pops up and ask if you are still there rather annoying but changed the skinn Titan and never had the problem again.