How to display embedded cover art in MKV files?

So when I’m browsing through my media files I get snapshots from some point within the video file instead of the embedded cover art.
Looked all around but was unable to find an option to prefer embedded cover art.
Does such an option exist?

AFAIK Kodi doesn’t support embedded Artwork. You either would need to place the artwork as a thumbnail file in the same directory as the video file or rely on the scraper to download the artwork.

For movies and TV shows, this is true, but Kodi does support embedded artwork for music. I can see where that might be confusing to a new user.

Correct, it might be a bit confusing. But I think the point there is that embedded artwork for Music is much more established than it is for video files which also means it might come in the future to Kodi.

Okay, good to know.
It’s no big deal for most files as the scraper does a pretty good job at getting posters and you can always select alternatives too with some limitations.
There’s just a couple files that really bug me, like my Star Wars despecialized files which had nice despecialized cover art to distinguish them from the other Star Wars files.
Thanks for the responses guys, that keeps me from searching for something that’s not there.
I’ll find a work around.

As mentioned just save the artwork alongside the Movie as a separate picture file