How to display IMDB and Rotten Tomato rating on movie / tv show list?


The kodi app displays IMDB ratings next to the video file. So the information should be there. Is there an option to turn this on?


If you scrape using the IMDB scraper, you these ratings should be pulled in automatically.

yes, but not shown next to the files

That’s a limitation of the OSMC skin. You can use another skin for now.

=( thats sad. i use osmc because of the skin

We will update the OSMC skin in the future and we will add support for ratings.

Thank you. Meanwhile I will use mimic.

Any news? The new osmc skin still does not show any ratings in the movie list. Why?

Because OSMC developers/skinners contribute out of the goodness of their hearts without pay in what free time they have to contribute. Thanks for understanding.


I didn’t want to offend the developers. This seems to be a conceptional decision because most the the other skins do support this.

If there’s enough demand for it, I am sure we can look at adding it in the future.


Yes please. List view with ratings. Or is already there?

FYI, I plan to take a deep look at OSMC and Skinning this week since it appears that none of the devs have any time to build a proper skin or to build a proper movie list view based on requests. Heck, the built in OSMC has the horrible blue overlay png that is fixed by using the new one on github; not sure why this hasn’t been implemented in the latest OSMC builds since its superior by every measure when using a custom background.

It may take a few days for me to get a grasp on how skins are laid out and built; i plan to mainly re-use the newest OSMC skin and add views/elements that users have been requesting on the boards. I’d prefer to have too many views that i don’t use than only three that meet none of my needs. Movies list should have a view that shows plot summary like other skins do.

Wish me luck!

I have seen some of your progress on Twitter.

If you’re serious about improving the OSMC skin, then that’s great. It can be difficult to make changes that everyone agrees with; which is why we have been quite conservative in making changes to it recently.

It would be good if you made your changes visible to the community. If there are good improvements that are well received, we’d be happy to get them included in to OSMC.

The change has been made, but not included yet as you’ve noted.
I’ll make sure it’s included in the next OSMC update.



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Hi Sam

Sweet and yes I am totally serious about taking a run at OSMC skins. I’ve done previous skin work but nothing too fancy. I also totally understand the limited time most of the devs have w/life and their full time jobs :slight_smile:

Should i start a new thread once i start work to get feedback/suggestions? Thanks again for this great community!!

My main goals of my skin will be:
-Minimalistic look similar to OSMC skin
-Ability for users to make skin their own very easily
-Possible script to build skin from scratch using input variables (we’ll see if i get this far)

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Yes – go for it.

I think incrementally making changes would be a better option than diving in at the deep end. @simonbrunton (our graphics guy) would also be happy to advise you.

I think these two are going to cause issue. A skin with a great deal of customisability should remove the need for these two requirements.


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@seamonkey420 Awesome! As soon as you have a thread up and you can start with your work, I’d love to post some ideas that could be implemented in a new skin.
Would’ve loved to see some changes for some time, but a) it wasn’t a high enough priority for me to annoy devs with my wishes and b) unfortunately I don’t have the time to take it on myself (and probably neither the skill), so looking forward to seeing your work! :slight_smile:

sam, totally agree and is my new plan to just expand upon the base OSMC theme and see if i can get some additional views created and actually perhaps take on writing some wiki items on how to customize the OSMC default skin to one’s own liking :slight_smile: