How to display Movie Resolutions

Hi there!

Is there any way to display the movie resolutions (Full HD / 720p / SD) in the movies / TV Shows overview?

At the moment it looks like this for me:

I did look at the view options but did not find out how to turn this on.

Thanks for help.

btw: I am using OSMC Alpha 4 on the new Raspberry Pi 2 - runs very smooth so far, even without overclocking as is seems since the CPU shows up as 600MHz under System Info. Thanks for doing the great work!


I think this is possible and was mentioned in another thread. I will bring this to the attention of the skin developer


it would also be nice, if the Movie Ratings would show up in the Overview, as well as a Marker for 3D Movies.
Apart from that, I like the Design very much, I also run it on a Pi 2 without Overclocking, and it runs indeed very smoothly.