How to edit the Power Menu entries

I’d like to remove the Exit and Power Off entries.

I tried <showexitbutton>false</showexitbutton> in ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xmlhowever no changes in the Power menu.

Any idea where to set these thingsß

Each skin has a DialogButtonMenu.xml, where the entries for the shutdown menu reside.

for the default OSMC skin the location is:


I’d make a backup of this file before you edit it, incase you muck it up.
Note: It’ll get written over whenever the skin gets updated.

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There doesn’t appear to be a “Edit Power Menu” entry in the OSMC skin settings.

But, other skins (like Titan, which is what I use), have this option. You can install the Titan skin, enable it, go to the settings, edit the power menu, then switch back to the OSMC skin and the changes will be there.

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@sam_nazarko his could be made a persistant settings file. In my use case I don’t want guests to shut down because they have no access to mains and they would never be able to fire up OSMC/kodi again