How to enable boot log


can you please advise how to enable boot log for device Vero 4K+?

On any of my linux devices I have boot log enable to get a chance to see which errors are logged during boot up phase.


You could login via SSH and change the console loglevel which would make the kernel more verbose.

Alternatively you could use a UART.


Will this show the boot log during startup and stop displaying the blue screen with OSMC logo?

In my experience, if there are errors in “service and what not” it shows the console text over the blue screen, but a log is usually a file you can access after boot process.

Can you please advise how to make Vero4K more talkative when booting?

dmesg a kernel log

journalctl systemd journal handling

Start with them, there is a trick within OSMC to keeping a persistent journal mention here at the forum. but familiarizing yourself with those two first is your best bet.

Look, booting OSMC will show a splash screen.
But I want to see messages during boot.

With Grub bootloader I would know how to enable/disable boot messages.
But OSMC is not using Grub, and therefore I’m asking for advise how to enable it.

Short answer, I don’t know how to disable the splash load screen. I never had use for it, since all the infor scrolling by during bootup will be seen in dmesg and journalctl =)

Is there a specific reason you want to do this?

Any errors will be shown during boot.