How to find the ID of an installed add-on?

I want to add a main menu item that will launch an add-on but I can’t seem to find how to get the add-on ID. I’ve searched high and low and I know the answer will be somewhere on this forum but I’d appreciate if someone could point me to it.

Guess it’s in the database:
sqlite3 .kodi/userdata/Database/Addons27.db
.schema addons
select * from addons

That doesn’t seem to give any info… The add-on ID I’m looking for is the X11 launcher, if that’s any help.

Ah forgot the ; unless you added it. select * from addons;

Ahhh so much info! How do I even sift through all that? Sorry for all the questions I’m such a noob with this

Well select id, name from addons; gives you just the id and name.

You could also for your X11 try select id,name from addons WHERE `name` like '%X11%';

So do I understand you comments in the other thread that the “ID” you were looking for was the textual ID and not the numerical ID from the database?

If so the “solution” for this thread is in

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