[?] how to get Audio DirectOutput

Hi All

I want to use OSMC with Raspberry for audio listening.
For better sound quality, i use (of course) a I2S DAC.

The next ultimate improvement consists in removing that PulseAudio and enable Alsa and DirecOutput (ie no mix, remix, resample, no volume control and best quality)

Help needed with this
Many thanks to you who have the knowledge :wink:

Good luck to find anyone who has the knowledge and the time to do that.
My recommendation if you are so much determine on Audio how about using a distribution that focus on audio for raspberry and not a Multimedia Center as OSMC?!?

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This is all unnecessary and will only result in loss of the possibility of receiving official support from OSMC.

i actually do use Volumio which is the best for audio rendering.
But its library management and gui is a real shame !

Kodi could replace Volumio if it set to directouput the Audio

Please dont tell me to not want to do that.
I have walked a long time around a bunch of options.
Kodi with directoutput will be the best for (large) Audio library management and listening.

If you have any help to provide, fell free to contribute

Iā€™m just making you aware, doing this will result in a franken-system that is no longer OSMC and will receive no support to accomplish or operate.

I struggled with the same problem for a long time and ended up at Vero 4K just for video and Raspberry Pi with piCorePlayer and Logitech Media Server just for music. LMS can handle Multiroom and even very large music collections. Plus, the sound quality is vastly superior.